Soft Blast Bathtub Bottoms, Tile, Marble and Granite Floors With custom patterns for your needs

Restore the original whiteness of your tub with premier bottom soft blasting from BCD Management Surface Specialist. Our company offers the slip guard and bathtub repair necessary to bring back the factory safe guard but will be better at 400% above all Standards in the industry raising the COF safety to your tub.

Soft Blast Process

Our soft blast process utilizes a portable machine that leaves a coefficient reading of .19, which is 400% above ASTM standard. We have a wide range of portable equipment which enables us to perform detailed and prompt work on projects of any size. On-site slip guards take about 15 minutes or less and resolve the problem for the life of the bathtub. The final result is a clean, renewed surface without chemicals or odors.

Premier Bottom Soft Blasting

If you have a cast iron bathtub that has not been painted, the best solution is our premier bottom soft blasting. Soft blasting is a powerful process that leaves a lasting finish that never goes away. Servicing between 50 and 80 tubs per day, we bring the safeguard back to better than the old new factory finish. Best of all, we work directly with your engineering and housekeeping department to ensure there is no downtime.

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Services, As an Interior Designer,Vince Vallone has designs for every job with class.

We are always striving for an eco-friendly process as our HPDI machines use electric and air power. There are no paints, chemicals, acids, or VOCs, so you can be sure of the safety of both your tub and your guests. Best of all, everything is guaranteed for the life of your tub or surface.

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