Restoring Bathtubs Since 1972 Nationwide Service Restablishing Factory Slipguard

Bathtub refinishing and deep cleaning from the experts at BCD Management Surface Specialist. Increase the beauty and safety of your hotel’s tubs with a safe clean bathub.

We are your source for re-establishing the factory slip guard. Recommended by the KOHLER™ Company since 1972, our soft blasting offers no downtime, paint, or chemicals.

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BCD Management Surface Specialist is the leading hotel bathtub refreshing and restoration provider in the hospitality industry. Nation wide service, our company offers solutions to increase the safety and appearance of hotel bathtubs with tile slip prevention. Our three-part process includes a paint-free solution BY DEEP CLEANING with no downtime, premier cleaning and bottom coating, A 14 HOUR DRYING TIME, and premier soft blasting. WITH NO DOWN TIME OR REVENUE LOSS With more than 40 years of experience, we have developed a strong reputation AT DISNEY, MARRIOTT, HYATT, WESTINS, CARNIVAL, CRUISE LINES, CHOICE HOTELS AND MORE, of providing top-quality services at the best prices. We have been a preferred vendor for Walt Disney World™ for more than 35 years. Customers choose us because we work to ensure the highest level of satisfaction with the longest warranty.

Contact us to resolve slip-resistance issues or cosmetic flaws with our bathtub restoration and refinishing services.